Some activities cannot be excecuted on-site. For these jobs we have our own well-equipped workshop where our activities include turning and milling. The needed parts are custom-made. We also develop our own equipment, allowing us to work quickly and efficiently. You can also come to us for mig, tig and electrode welding. We do welding for several branches. 

In our workshop we repair and manufacture varied parts, from small to big. There are machines that execute tough jobs perfectly, such as a crane with a hoist capacity of 7 tons. But there is also a computer controlled milling machine that handles the delicate work. 

Technical service
Does your tecnical or maintenance service temporarily need assistance with a capacity problem such as work overload or understaffing? We can strengthen your team for a fixed term. For one day, one week or during the entire duration of a project. In the Netherlands, but also outside the borders.

Please contact us.